Waveland Announces New Mosaic Will be Mounted on City Hall

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The City of Waveland announces that a new mosaic will be mounted on the wall in front of the City Hall complex on Coleman Avenue.  The original mosaic, created in 1997 with the help of many of the area residents,  was destroyed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Elizabeth Veglia, the project director of the first mosaic, will lead the community in the creation of the new one.  The design will take its inspiration from the Waveland logo and the undulating waves within it.  Included in the design will be the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, buildings from the past and new ones that have replaced them, and the local sea and land images that are iconic to our region.  Veglia has taught the art of mosaic to thousands of people over the past 35 years, including children and novices, who quickly learn to make contributions to the overall scene.

Workshops will be held at convenient times to enable all residents of the area to participate in the creation of the mosaic.  At these sessions, Veglia will teach participants how to work with the tile and create their own small design elements that will ultimately be included in the mosaic.   The mosaic will be created at the Ground Zero Museum, 335 Coleman Avenue in Waveland.  Later, after the design work is completed, Veglia will transfer the mosaic to City Hall for its completion.

Daytime workshops will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am – 12 pm.  An evening workshop will be held on Tuesdays 6-8 pm. A weekend workshop will be held on Saturday, 10am – 12 pm.  Workshops will run in this format for 5 weeks.  Community residents who participated in the creation of the original mosaic are encouraged to help recreate the new one, as are those presently living in the region.

Call Elizabeth Veglia at 228-304-1333 or email elizabeth@vegliamosaics.com for information or to register for a workshop (limit 12 per workshop).

Questions? Please Contact (228) 467-9048