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Hancock County Community Development Foundation

The Hancock Chamber established the Hancock County Community Development Foundation as a 501 (c) 3 public charity in May 2006 to act as an umbrella organization for 20 non-profit causes for projects with a broad community focus. The specific purposes of incorporation are to sponsor and support educational and community programs that stimulate job creation, foster small business growth, workforce development, historic preservation and the arts.

Programs of the Foundation are:

Formed to support preservation efforts within the city’s historic districts. Heritage Trust will develop, promote, and or sponsor programs and/products which will help bring public awareness to the importance of historic preservation.

2023 Officers and Board of Directors

Board of Directors
  • Dr. Wendy McDonald, retired educator, President
  • Ray Wesson, Jr., Bank Plus, Vice President
  • Tish H. Williams, Secretary & Executive Director, Hancock Chamber
  • Anna Ring, Accounting for Creatives, Treasurer
  • John Weibmer, retired strategist, Past President
  • Mary Jane Mackey, Goodnight Terminal
  • Rhonda Rhodes, Hancock Housing Resource Center
  • Dr. Paula Triche, retired educator
  • Ray Wesson, Jr., First Bank & Trust
  • Cleland Powell, retired banker, Vice Chairman of Business Development
  • Elise Deano, Elise Deano Attorney at Law
  • Tami Munsch, Munsch Law
  • Shawn Konkel, Gotcha Covered
  • Meg Payment, Mississippi Power
  • Rymsky & Brian Labat, The Education Annex
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